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Poland Travel Guide - Events in Poland

Events in poland brings everybody to a standstill. events in Portugal are full of festas(festivals), ferias(fairs), and romarias (religious pilgrimages). Most of the events are religious processions.

With a large Roman Catholic population, a lot of celebrations takes place around Easter and Christmas. To see polish peoples devotion Sunday masses are best when all the churches are full beyond their capacity.

Carnivals are the biggest events in poland. Carnivals takes place six weeks before Easter, it sees a lot of partying, parading, and painted faces. You can enjoy vast and colorful processions during the Holy week festival or Braga'sEaster. The festival in June Festa de São João is the biggest which sees everyone dancing through the streetsand hitting each other over the head with leeks. The fair in November Feira de São Martinho one gets to see all kinds of horses, riding contests, and bullfights.

Musical events in poland are the highlights for visiting tourists. Every August Krakow hosts Music in Old Kraków International Festival, which is followed by Wratislavia Cantans in Wroclaw, complete with oratorios and cantatas. Warsaw is a flourishing cultural center   with music shows in autumn, and jazz in October. January month sees Warsaw Theater Meetings being held, assessing the achievements of the best Polish theaters in the last year. Gdynia hosts the Poland film festival in November.


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