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Poland History  

Early history of poland is followed closely by the westerly movements of early Slavic peoples known as Polanie tribe. This tribe became the most powerful group in the latter part of the tenth century. Catholicism was embraced by their King, Miezko, and thus Catholicism took hold early in poland history. Miezko was succeeded by King Boleslav's who can be attributed for laying the foundation of present day Poland.

Prior to World War II, poland history witnessed almost ten centuries of unrest, wars were fought, governments came and left, invaders raped and pillaged. It was only after Poland united with Lithuania under the Jagiellonian dynasty did it find stability and became a political power in Europe. During the fourteen to seventeen centuries Poland became the most powerful force with this coalition.

In history of poland it is seen that its map changed drastically many times that Poland did not even exist on the map of Europe until the end of World War I. On Armistice Day, in November of 1918, Poland declared its independence as a modern republic. But soon after that war started off with Russia in 1920. Poland was victorious and it annexed some territories which are now Ukraine and Belorussia. There was still no peace, political instability and unrest resulted in military rule, which lasted until the World War II started.

The poland history, in the Second World War saw Poland losing on its territory, material wealth and 20 percent of its population perished. Nazis invaded in 1939, they murdered the Jew population over six long years of war. This war saw Poland’s capital Warsaw completely destroyed at the hands of Nazis and Hitler. Jews were sent to concentration camps, and Warsaw was reduced to debris.

After the end of Second World War, the unrest continued in poland history. With the extensive destruction during the war, rebuilding the country was an un-daunting task for the polish people. Though it was liberated by the Soviets it was still under their influence. Soviets wielded power over the Poles, but the centralized form of their government never could get a hold in Poland as in other nations. The poles never agreed to the Soviet demands and acts of rebellion against the communist authorities continued over the next four decades. This resulted in the formation of Solidarity labor union which started strikes in the Gdansk shipyards, helping in the revolutionary causes thus attracting the attention of the rest of the world. Solitary movement was a success at creating civil unrest and history poland saw General Jaruzelski declareing marshal law in 1981.

The Solitary movement was a big help in bringing Poland to the point of revolution and political reform, the communist party leadership played a key role in their own downfall. It became impossible to run an enormous, inefficient centralized bureaucracy, with the ever rebellious population the communist leaders negotiated with the Solidarity. Eventually General Jaruzelski's resigned and presidential elections took place.

An economic program was initiated for the first time in history of poland by the new government in 1990. It was aimed at a fast conversion of the system to a free market economy but it had its own pains. It resulted in rise in unemployment, inflation skyrocketed, standard of living fell and the country’s economic level was at a low.

There’s a hope with the fast emerging promising private sector. Poland has the advantage of having young, well educated population who are not raised on the communist system. It makes it easier for them to adapt to the free economy lifestyle.
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